четверг, 15 декабря 2016 г.

Hello! Today I want to tell you about my indispensable assistant in cleaning - Vacuum cleaner with aqua-filter Bissell Spotlifter Powerbrush Handheld Deep Cleaner Review. I use it already 1.5 years and immensely happy.

Before buying a vacuum cleaner that I have read a large number of reviews and choose between a vacuum cleaner with aqua-filter and wet vacuum.

Between them there is a significant difference.

First, vacuum cleaners with aquafiltering perform the usual dry cleaning, but unlike ordinary vacuum cleaners with dust bag, the dust and dirt in them, passing through special filters, fall not in the bag, and in a special vacuum tank filled with water.

Vacuum Cleaner is designed for wet cleaning - it water from the tank of the vacuum cleaner passes through the tube, carpets, and other surfaces with clean water and detergent.

Secondly, no vacuum cleaner with aqua-filter or cleaning the vacuum cleaner after cleaning can not be left to the water - the water cleaner will go sour and unpleasant smell. After cleaning the vacuum cleaner with aqua-filter enough to get the tank, pour out the water and rinse.

Vacuum Cleaner after each cleaning will have to disassemble, wash tank, a tube and a brush, and dry well. Vacuum Cleaner is good for general cleaning or cleaning after repair, but every day (for example, to collect the chips or a small rubbish) it is difficult to use.

So I stopped the choice on the vacuum cleaner with aqua-filter Bissel.

Advantages of the vacuum cleaner:

1. aquafiltering and fine filter HEPA 13

Passing through a fine filter HEPA 13, once the dust gets into the water and back is not selected. Such a vacuum cleaner is good for allergy sufferers, families with small children and furry pets.

Quality of cleaning - simply excellent, no comparison with a conventional vacuum cleaner. Even the air in the room after cleaning the net!

When buying a vacuum cleaner I was given as a gift defoamer company Bissel. It should be added directly into the water before you start vacuuming. I tried and vacuuming with him and without him. And, frankly, I did not understand the difference. Therefore, I do not buy more than anti-foaming agent.

2. Turbo brush

An indispensable thing for the owners of furry pets. It perfectly pulls the hair and animal fur. But I do not have pets, so I'm in daily cleaning do not use it (I have enough conventional brush, it is also very good clean).

3. The suction power - 300 watts.

Before purchasing, I met on the internet reviews, that the suction power of the vacuum cleaner at a low. This is absolutely not the case, the power of a good (easy to raise a corner of the carpet) and for normal daily cleaning it is more than enough.

4. The vacuum cleaner Weight - 7.5 kg.

vacuum cleaner is very light for its size. Of course, with the tank filled with water increases the weight of the vacuum cleaner, but it is still possible to lift and move if necessary.

But even in such a good vacuum cleaner has small flaws:

1. Automatic coiling the cord of the vacuum cleaner is, but that's a special button for that on the housing there. To rewind the cord is necessary to pull the cord in the opposite direction and release. Personally it does not bother me, but if the button was - it would be great.

2. Static electricity.

During cleaning metal vacuum tube can be electrified. And also on the brush during cleaning sticky dust - when it has to be washed with a damp cloth.

Despite some small flaws, I think this vacuum cleaner is very good choice. The most important thing is the quality of cleaning - and it at Bissel on top!